Monday, October 03, 2005

What a Weekend

Good Morning, Just thought I would show what putter got me for My Birthday. Ain't they Pretty. He also got new bath towels for the House and he got me a new Mirror Magx 8. I been using a broke mirror on the back porch that has no light because the puppy's chewed the cord so there is no light with it. How sweet. I Just LoVe this silly guy. He is so funny (sometimes). We had a wonderful day yesterday we just hung out at home. Weeeeeee.................. We are hardly ever together at home. Someone is either Racing, or Working or just not home. Today I have to go to the Doctors to Check for carpal tunnel. Just like now my fingers are all numb while I am typing this. Of Course I'll let you all know what the test reasults are if they let me know.

Well Justin Came by yesterday. Some times these picks don't do what I want so I will post a new post with his pick,


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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