Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A New Day

Slept Better last night. Had to Drug myself to get through it though. 2 Vanilla Flavored Tylenol PM. 3 Ibroprofen. Vanilla flavoring Crazy. Anyway slept the whole dang night. It was truly amazing. Today I go to the Doctors to complain more about my carpal tunnel problem. It doesn't help that I am on this computer so much. Anywho. Well I will let you know what the doctor speaks. talk with you later

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britt6 said...

Hey thanks for sending me your blogspot it gives me something to do while the boy's are sleeping. Your going to have to give me the hook-up on this thing you call "vanilla flavored tylenol pm" though I can't probably take it my hubby could sure use some.....hehehehe

xxxxxxxx, Britt