Monday, October 23, 2006

Card Night

It's card night tonight. We haven't met in almost two months. There will be much to catch up on. Fun Fun.

Now to find all my supplies. That is always a Safari in it's self. Aunt Pat bought Jack an outfit that was a 12 month old size. Well, guess what at 5.5 months old Jack is wearing his race car outfit Aunt Pat bought him. Wow I am wondering how big will this kid be. How tall, what size feet. If he follow his dads footsteps he will be tall and atheltic. His dad lettered in his freshman year in track and football. High hopes for Jack. The only things I accomplished today were
1. Made a deposit at the Bank
2. Emptied the dishwasher and filled it back up again.
3. two loads of laundry
4. made lunch and dinner for Putter for work
5. Feed Jack and grandbabysat him (he was fussy this afternoon)
6. Now I will get ready for tonight 6:30 is card time Jess gets off at 7:00 then she will come by and get Jack Jack....

You know what really makes me mad. I am tired, I could use a nap. damn


Anonymous said...

well it is 1 am here and i still have 2 more hours to go then when i get off i will go to lil d's stoke the fire and get some chow chow then sleep like a baby. talked her in to getting a buck wood stove fire place insert that bad boy is nice. it is 38 deg right now going to make freezing by morn pinky is learnin all bout the cold welcome to the mid west love jake

JustMeShann said...

Howdy Jake!

How was Card night??? Happy day to ya, Shann